b3“The last three months at the Excellence Center has been an all-around great time. The staff at the Excellence Center were fun to be around and there was never a dull moment. There were a few minor problems as there always is with in relation to being in a new country. However, these were quickly rectified by the staff and overall my time spent here has left quite an impact on me.Final Oral Exam

The native Palestinian teachers were a pleasure to work with and my experience learning Arabic was difficult, but fun. My acquisition of foreign languages is not the best in the world; however, my Arabic teacher was very patient and kind.Davies 2

The students were amazing. I have taught in four different countries and have never had such a close personal relationship with my students. I went to cafes with them, to their businesses and to their homes for dinner. Moreover, I even went to Bethlehem and Jerusalem with them on a number of occasions.shareef

They were all pleasant to work with and very respectful. Their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn English was very rewarding. In addition, it was interesting to watch their development and acquisition of English grow and become more confident in speaking.ppu5

I can’t express enough how much I will miss them and wish them all the best. I always looked forward to going to class because it was always engaging and a good time. We all built a solid personal relationship based on respect, hard work and fun.ppu3

I had spent a lot of time outside the Excellence Center too. I’ve been to many homes, weddings and businesses for dinner and coffee. There were a lot of people within Hebron that had made my time here very memorable and life changing.m1

There is no doubt that I grew as a person and cultivated many invaluable experiences that will ultimately prove useful in my journey through life. I have made some lifelong friends and will miss my experience here in Hebron and with the Excellence Center. I wish everyone all the best and thank them for their generosity.” Mohammad Davies from Canada, a participant in the Teach English, Speak Arabic Program in  Hebron, Palestine 2015w3ppuمتوسط ٢