“My trip to the West Bank in Palestine”

My trip to the West Bank in Palestine: “When I saw the Excellence Center was hosting a trip throughout the West Bank in Palestine, I immediately researched the Excellence Center and read the positive reviews. I then contacted the center and started coordinating my plans to visit Palestine. It was one of the best travel decisions I have ever made.Dan

Being an advit traveler and a Palestinian activist, this was the perfect trip and experience for me. I got to see some of the most amazing places, Hebron, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Jericho and the Mediterranean and Dea Sea among other places. It was absolutely amazing!!! We traveled with folks from the center as well as international friends we made, again, I can’t recommend this trip enough. It is a must for anyone really wanting to see Palestine and not the typical Israeli tour. I extended my trip to three weeks, which I used to travel to additional places, volunteer my help and learn basic Arabic.

Sadly this must be said, with perpetual media vilification and demonization of Palestinians, and the anti-Arab propaganda that has conditioned the majority of the western world to view Palestinians in a negative light, this is definitely the trip for you.

Having spent three weeks there with the folks at the Excellence Center as well as all the wonderful international people, you will meet the kindest and experience hospitality like no other – and no doubt have the time of your life.Dan 2

In wrapping, once again, I want to stress how highly I recommend exploring as much of the West Bank as you can, especially Hebron, Old City Hebron and diverse yourself in the Palestinian culture and be sure to spend loads of time with the local people, you will see an amazing thing, some of the kindest and amazing people you will ever meet.”