My Internship in Palestine …Started

Mohammed 1“My motivation in relation to coming to Palestine and participating in the Teach English, Speak Arabic program is to share knowledge and experiences with the Palestinian people. I am altruistic and whilst I am teaching, volunteering or helping people, I experience great pleasure and life satisfaction. As such, working at the Excellence Center and with the local community is very appealing and interesting.Mohammed 3

I believe the way forward in life is through the acquisition of knowledge and direct experience. Consequently, I want to share my knowledge of the English language and English speaking culture. I have lived in Canada, Britain and Poland for extended periods of time; subsequently, I can share both North American and European culture.Mohammed 2

Furthermore, I wish to move forward in life through the acquisition of the Arabic language and experiential knowledge of Palestinian culture. If I had to classify my motivation in one word, it would be empowerment. I want to empower people and be empowered by the transfer of our language, culture, history, and life; with the aim of making great friends for life.” Mohammed from Canada