My Experience Teaching University Students English in Hebron, Palestine

“This past week I traveled with the Excellence Center team to help teach a three day seminar on conversational English at Hebron’s Palestine Polytechnic University.  It was a wonderful experience, not only because of the quality work I was able to perform through the Center, but also because the experience allowed me to meet many kind and interesting individuals.  The workshops themselves were well structured and effective, thanks in no small part to the planning of Muhammad Davies, the Center’s amazing English instructor.luke

The students were engaged and enthusiastic throughout all of the activities, and I really relished the opportunity to hear their thoughts on various discussions subjects.  I particularly liked the little cultural exchanges that took place parallel to the established lesson plans. luke

Small exchanges of colloquial slang during the lesson on English idioms, for example.  These casual interactions really made the workshop something special, and I think it speaks to the Center’s intelligent approach to education that they were able to come together with PPU to create such a relaxed and organic learning environment. Overall a really great experience that I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in”.  Luke Mercurio from The USAluke 2

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