Motivations for Palestinians to Learn English

Many people in Palestine are motivated to learn English and improve their skills. To meet these needs the Excellence Center offers a range of courses. Currently they offer 7 courses at the levels of Starter, Beginner 1 and 2,  Intermediate 1 and 2, and Advanced. The Center also offers private, one-on-one lessons for students to work at their own pace or focus on a particular skill. Students of all ages attend these classes, from teenagers to adults. Some of them are still in high school, some attending university, and some established in their career already but want to broaden their future opportunities.GC4

They are taught either by a Foreign English teacher, or a local teacher with a foreign English Teaching assistant. As students are usually adept at reading and writing and grammar, teachers aim to emphasize speaking more and provide ample opportunities for them to converse in English amongst themselves and with the internationals. Students can also attend various workshops led by the international volunteers to learn practical skills such as CV and cover letter writing, job interviewing, and academic writing.

About motivations to learn English, Wadji, a business management student in the Intermediate 2 class has remarked, “I’m determined to improve my English reading, writing, and especially speaking skills in order to communicate with foreigners in America. My father motivated me because he can speak very well.” Another high school student Raja in the English club says “English is so important because we can use it to communicate on social media, to communicate in other countries, and most importantly, to tell others about our situation in Palestine.”ECC

Not only does the Excellence Center provide English courses to help students in achieving their personal and professional goals, but they offer cultural exchange and awareness by having Internationals in the classroom and out in the community leading workshops and classes. There are currently three Internationals volunteering at the Center. Jan from Belgium with a background in History and and Education, Monica from America who studied Antrhopology, and Cara also from America who is a Nurse. Jan reports “the students are very enthusiastic to learn English but they also want to learn about your culture.” ECC2


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