IMG_1845Meeting People and Making Friends in Palestine : The Excellence Center (EC) located in Hebron, Palestine hosts a diverse group of internationals. Many who choose to come here are experienced travelers, and each comes as a volunteer, intern, or as a student. Due to the varying backgrounds of those at the EC, there is a broad range of perspectives and stories to hear. This makes it a great place not only to be immersed Palestinian life, but also to have a multicultural experience.IMG_3005

All who come to the EC share a desire for a first hand experience in Palestine, and each leaves with many stories and new friendships. Meeting People and Making Friends in Palestine is a fundamental part of life at the EC. The group of staff and internationals are welcoming and supportive of all who come here.IMG_2519

Breakfast is served daily and enjoyed together by the internationals and staff members. Other foreigners and locals often join in on days they have Arabic or English lessons. This makes for quite an interesting and lively time. And sometimes, internationals choose to end their day by going out together to one of the many coffee shops or restaurants close by. Most who come to the EC quickly find a good friend among other students, volunteers, teachers or staff members. And everyone quickly finds that they are supported by all who work there.breakfast

If you already speak Arabic, your stay will be pleasant and you will feel at ease. The staff and Arabic teachers are happy to help you improve your Arabic skills, no matter what level you are at. The Arabic instructors are experienced and patient, and will help you set and achieve your language goals. Both in the EC and on the streets you will find plenty of opportunity  to practice conversing in Arabic. Ariel Koren, from the USA, expressed that she had a great time speaking Arabic, and could see her skills improve by interacting with the friends she made here.عائلة 2

If you do not speak Arabic or have any knowledge of the Arabic alphabet, please put your fears to rest. We are sure that you will learn a lot during your time in Palestine. Learning some Arabic in Palestine will  help you avoid the frustration of not having enough resources (namely maps, and further instructions written by a local) to make it clear where you live.IMG_3041

In general, the experience in Palestine and at the Excellence Center is unique for each individual. All who participate leave with a collection of stories and with many new friendships.