Meet Sahar from Mauritius

IMG_4401“Firstly let me thank The Excellence Center and the humble people that work there for giving me the opportunity to express myself and for their warm welcome at the Excellence Center.

My sister and I, we chose to volunteer and learn Arabic in Palestine for just two weeks which we later realised was not enough to experience all the amazing things that it contained.

Our motivation factor of this visit lie not only in volunteering and learn Arabic but also to discover a whole new aspect of live, to absorb their dialect, taste the delicious Palestinian dishes and to also visit historical places.

My first feeling was just indefinite to be adequately described. I come from a completely different background and culture and was overwhelmed by the hospitality of these people.

We were introduced to our host family on the very first day itself. Our host Mum, Sana, was very kind to us and her generosity was just unparalleled. She is always entertaining us with delicious Palestinian food. We were also allowed to meet her relatives. Her two kids, Youssef and Sadih were always playing around in our room.

About safety in Palestine, I can confirm that Palestine is very safe and Hebron is not what we always see through the media. I could safely walk the street, take a taxi with the company of Mohamad Tamim, the manager of the Excellence Center, to the Polytechnic Palestine University where we could assist to an English spelling competition and this was very fascinating.

I finally fell in love with Hebron and feel like staying here forever.”

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