Meet Marybel From Orlando, America

IMG_4878“Hello I am Marybel from Orlando, FL. I graduated from the University of Central Florida in December of 2015. I am in Palestine for 2 months and I am participating in two programs. For the first month I will be learning to read and write Arabic, and the second month I will be a volunteer and teach English. I chose Palestine because I wanted to see the real Palestine for myself, instead of allowing the news media to feed me bias or incorrect information. I also want to see the historical sites around Israel and Palestine.

I am staying with a host family for the two months I am in Palestine. I have been here for three and a half day and I am enjoying the experience. My host family has been nothing but nice and accepting of me being in their home. It is as if I am part of the family. I have eaten two delicious meals with the family. Both meals have been at dinner time because I am here during Ramadan and all Muslims fast during the day for a month. At first it is a little difficult, but you learn to adjust quickly. I have also had two Arabic language learning classes and it is difficult, but as I continue to hear everyone speak Arabic around me I am picking up words and I am beginning to understand them.

My teacher is also an amazing instructor who is teaching me formal Arabic for reading and writing, and informal Arabic for daily conversational interaction. I am enjoying my stay here and will remember this experience at the Excellence Center in Hebron Palestine for the rest of my life.”