Meet Maneesha from the US

IMG_8024“Palestine has the cultural, religious and political landscape that has gripped the world and definitely me. I want to be able to understand its hopes and dreams; and take its story back home to share. For me, the possibility of being physically so close to the holy land of three major religions is something to die for. 

The Excellence Center in Palestine offers not just the volunteering opportunity, its package includes the immersion in Palestine’s culture and its generosity. In my first week here, I have interacted with people at Excellence Center and around it. I find it incredibly unique that despite its sufferings, Palestine has not let bitterness enter its hearts or homes. Without an exception, all volunteers felt it is impossible to escape the warmth of their host family. The shopkeepers around Excellence Center offer free food to strangers. Taxi drivers take it upon themselves to ensure you reach your destination safely. While media portrays Palestine as a dangerous placeI have never felt safer traveling alone as a woman.  

I live a comfortable life in Silicon Valley, USA. Palestine has the intensity and tenderness to nudge me out of my comfort zone. Service is not in my DNA, but curiosity is. I am here to seed a desire in me to serve that is firmly rooted in my own first-end findings and experiences. Working with Excellence Center, my work must help open doors for ambitious youth here. In particular, I want to focus on engineering and women empowerment. I am sure I will cherish the life-long friendships with so many here who shared their wisdom with me”. 

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