Meet Maeva from France

img_0627“My name is Maeva but pronounced Maya. I am a French citizen and I am currently doing my matsers in Humanitarian Action in Geneva. I lived in Canada for 10 years where I completed my bachelor’s degree in teaching English and linguistics. During my university program in Canada, I did a semester at AUB in Beirut learning Fuss7a Arabic. Unfortunately, I haven’t practiced the language since and have forgotten most of it. My dream is to speak Arabic one day and preferably a dialect from the Sham area.

I am currently involved in the volunteer  in Palestine program at the Excellence Center. I know that I will possibly teach and do some community work to contribute to the enhancement of the Excellence center. As I only arrived yesterday, I do not have much to say so far, unfortunately.

I have always wanted to come to Palestine. Even thought I would love to drive around and visit every city in Palestine, I think I would receive a richer experience by giving back a little and meeting Palestinians. I have visited countries in the past without spending time with locals and always felt like I missed a crucial part of the visit.

If I end up teaching the activities I have been assigned as well as activities that I used to use to teach new comers in Canada, I hope to contribute with my experience.

This experience will benefit me in many ways. I am interested in working in the middle east and this will allow me to get a feel of Palestine as I already know Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. I have always wanted to see the occupation from my own eyes as we hear about it abroad but the reality is often distorted.

In my opinion, every work makes a difference, even the ‘bad’ work. The benefit of volunteering with locals is that we learn from each other and grow as individuals. That being said, I hope to make a positive difference here”.

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