Meet José From Mexico

IMG_4476“My name is José Godoy, and I am a 22-year-old business-tech student at Boston

University. I am originally from Mexico but have studied and worked in the United States,

Canada and France. I am proficient in English, French and Spanish, and I am looking

forward to be conversational in Arabic by the end of the summer as well.

I participate in human rights solidarity organizations in the US, Mexico, and France, and I

have acquired a special attachment to the Palestinian situation. This is the case for

several reasons including the fact that I had taken a glance at the realities of the

occupation back in 2009 when my family did a trip to the region. The US-Palestine

exception, the ethnic, cultural and historical connections between our people, and the

common struggles of Latinx-American and Arab societies have all played a role in my

presence here today. Doing palestinian solidarity work and advancing my Arabic level

have thus obtained my full attention and capacity this summer.

In terms of my professional career path, I am always seeking opportunities for personal,

professional, and intellectual growth where teamwork pushes to thrive in our volatile

global setting to achieve a greater social welfare through technology &

socialpreneurship. I believe that the Excellence Center shares my vision and provides a

space where I can expand its horizons.

I am humbled and excited for this opportunity to hear the stories of the many

Palestinians, while also sharing my skills in language and business for a better solidarity

work that might make the future brighter every coming day.”

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