Meet Fabian from the Netherlands

“My name is FabianIMG_9995 and I come from the Netherlands (Holland).  About 4 years ago, I started to learn more about the ‘conflict’ between Palestina and Israel. I started to research and you sometimes feel so bad that the whole world is letting this happen. I am ashamed in that regard of my country and all the other countries that are closing their eyes for the situation of all Palestinians.

Once when I was in Morocco, I met children that were living on the street because they didn’t have any family or parents to look after them. They were treated like animals and not welcome anywhere. It broke my heart to see that in 2017 we are still so heartless towards other people and don’t care about eachother as much as we should.

I always have had the dream to give children and other people the opportunities that I had while I grew up.
I hope in the future I will be able to make more impact on the world than I am doing today. Coming to Palestine is a dream come true. To see and be more aware of the kind of problems we face in the world and how unfair this world seems to be. I hope it will change me for the better and that I will appreciate more in life and that life is more beautiful when you give in stead of take.

The first day was already promosing. Untill now I have enjoyed every second and I was welcomed in a very nice way. For me it feels like a big prison when I hear the stories from people that live here or volunteer. I feel safe and I don’t fear, since I trust in Allah subhana wa ta’alaa although I hope that nothing will happen to me or the people around me. Getting into Palestine is easier than leaving Palestine.

Hopefully I will be able to learn a lot from the people studying and teaching at the Excellence center as well as the people in the street to create myself a better future. I am happy to have met people like Ibrahim, Marwa, Rafat, Abood, the Sheikh, Maryam and all others. I am leaving a lot of people out and sometimes simply because I forgot their name since I just got here. Very strong, hard working and kind people which make the world a better place. May Allah subhana wa ta’alaa bless you all. Amen.”

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