Meet Elena from Italy

14086401_1643245485988338_74384006841114763_o“My name is Elena, I am an Italian 26-years-old; I spent the last two years in Australia, studying English, working and travelling. I am interested in Palestinian culture and history and in Arabic language and culture in general. I
choose to be a volunteer here in Hebron as the EC has a great program which is teaching English,
learning Arabic, living with a local family and visit cities and places in Palestine.
This meets all my interests and eagerness to learn about this country. Also, I recently completed my CELTA
(Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults- Cambridge) in Thailand and am willing to put
into practice what I learnt and start my career as an English teacher. My ambition for the future is
go back to my country and teach English there. In the past, I had been involved with NGOs helping
immigrants and refugees to integrate in our society; I would like to keep working with them and
teach them English and Italian, as I believe that language is one of the greatest barriers to
integration and cultural understanding.
At the Excellence Center, I will be volunteering for a couple of months as an English teacher and
teacher assistant to elementary and intermediate students. I believe I will benefit from this experience in terms of teaching practice, meeting and understanding a new culture, learning Arabic language. I am sure the TESA program will be a good opportunity to improve my professional skills and personal knowledge.
I hope I will successfully help the center with my work here and I mostly I wish I will build a good
rapport with the students and help them improving their English.”