Learn Palestinian Arabic Online

study-arabic-program-copyLearn Palestinian Arabic Online: Are you interested in learning Palestinian Arabic online? Are you interested in Arabic or Palestinian culture? Would you like to meet people from Palestine?  Would you like to speak Arabic with Palestinians via Skype?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, the Excellence Center in Palestine invites you to participate in the Learn Palestinian Arabic online progam.

In 2014, the Excellence Center (EC)  in Palestine created the Learn Palestinian Arabic online program. The lessons take place via Skype, and many international students from all over the world join the program monthly. The EC has 8 exceptional Palestinian instructors, and each has a broad range of experience teaching Palestinian Arabic online to non-native speakers.

The EC provides Arabic courses for students who would like to learn standard Arabic (Fusha), or who would like to combine studying standard Arabic with Palestinian Arabic (Levantine). Students can customize their online Arabic courses according to their level, learning preferences, and dialect of Arabic they would like to learn.

The online program is suitable for all levels of Arabic language learners. Teachers who speak English are available for beginning levels. There are also teachers who speak only Arabic during lessons for intermediate and advanced levels. This provides a unique opportunity for those who are looking to enhance their language skills at an accelerated pace.

Students normally take two classes a week, and each class lasts around an hour and a half. As far as scheduling lesson times and the number of sessions, students and teachers agree on the time and number of sessions that best suits each person. If you are from North or South America, or Australia, where there may be up to a 10 hour time difference, put your worries to rest. We will find lesson times that work for both parties. Also, the students can choose the number of hours they would like to register for, it includes 10, 20, 30, or 50 hour Arabic courses.

The EC provides students with books and learning materials online, and the courses offered are all one-on-one. Our teachers often use interactive activities such as videos, games, cards, drawings, etc. which make the Arabic classes engaging, and the learning process more enjoyable.

International students begin by completing a placement test to determine the appropriate level for their lessons. This ensures that each student will gain the most from their Arabic course. Additionally, the EC offers the first meeting as a free-of-charge trial lesson. If the student is satisfied, he or she will officially register for the course, and then pay the appropriate fees. Also, upon successful completion of Arabic courses, international students receive a certificate of completion.

In conclusion, the Learn Palestinian Arabic online program suits the needs of people who want to improve their Arabic skills, as well as those who would like to start learning the language. We are excited to offer you our Learn Palestinian Arabic course online. We welcome everyone, and would love to have you as a student in our program!