Learn Modern Standard Arabic and the Local Dialect in Palestine

On Febuary 11th 2015 Excellence Center instructor Rasha Duaa offered Arabic lessons to American teaching assistant Luke Mercurio in both Modern Standard Arabic and the local Hebroni dialect.

lukeThis first lesson, which lasted two hours, focused on day to day conversational Arabic as well as certain important grammar points like pronouns and past/future conjugation. The pair also discoursed on a number of side topics, including future plans and hobbies, giving Mercurio some much needed practice with his pronunciation and conversational fluency. Mercurio had studied Arabic for several years in the university, but he was still extremely eager to learn the many new vocabulary equivalents in the colloquial language. By the end of the lesson he was extraordinarily grateful to Rasha for her time and patience in instructing him. Both are looking forward to their lessons in the future!Luke Arabic 1

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