Learn Arabic in the Middle East

Why should you travel hundreds, or even thousands of miles of distance just to learn a foreign language? Would it be a waste of time and money? The Excellence Center in Palestine offers internationals the opportunity to learn Arabic would argue that it will not only be worth your time and money, but if would be the best choice you’d have made for learning a foreign language.IMG_2125

If you learn the Arabic language in the Middle East, you will learn more through your daily life than in class. The Excellence Center offers its students certified Arabic teachers whose mother tongue language Arabic. However, you will more than often find teachers such as this in your own country. What you won’t find in your country is an environment in which everyone speaks Arabic as their mother tongue language. Outside of your class, you will be encouraged to speak in Arabic, and therefore will be reviewing what you’ve learned much more efficiently and will understand better. With the right mindset and passion for the language, you will catch the language before you know it.IMG_2113


The Arabic language is the language of the Qu’ran, the Islamic culture and the religion, and one cannot truly master nor understand the language without experiencing the Arabic culture in the Middle East. You will realize that many of the daily phrases used by the natives are often related to their religion and rooted from the Islamic culture and traditions. By learning Arabic in the Middle East, you will not only appreciate the language that is deeply embedded in its culture but you will learn quicker. Arabic 5

Did you know the difference between the Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and dialect Arabic? If you want to learn the Arabic language in anywhere other than the Middle East, there is a high chance that you will learn the Modern Standard Arabic. It is the language used in the Qu’ran, educational literatures and in media. However, nobody in the world knows MSA as their mother tongue language. It is the distinctive dialect Arabic language that people speak in the Middle East. The program in the Excellence Center offers the choice of learning the MSA or the Palestinian dialect which is the dialect used in the Levantine area. By learning the dialect Arabic, you will be able to learn the Arabic which you can actually communicate with natives in.Arabic for TIPH9


Lastly, if you are studying Arabic in the Middle East, you won’t only learn Arabic, but will learn about the Arabic culture, be able to travel around the Middle East, eat amazing Middle Eastern food and have loads of fun all at the same time. The Middle East is a place of mystery to many of us. We often see news stories about it on the media that isn’t always encouraging for internationals to visit the Middle East. However, its culture and people will be much different from those outside the Middle East. And for anyone visiting for the first time, it will be a memorable experienceArabic for TIPH 89