Kid’s Activity Day for Palestinian Children

On Thursday, February 25th, the Excellence Center organized a Kid’s Activity Day for local children. The activity was lead by Excellence Center teachers Ibrahim and Shayma, Canadian volunteer Melanie, and American volunteer Lauren, who are both participating in the Center’s Teach English Speak Arabic (TESA) program. The Day included a number of exciting activities designed to inspire an interest in the English language among children who might not be familiar with it.IMG_9554

Teacher Ibrahim began the day with a brief lesson on how to introduce yourself in English, after which students were asked to use their new phrases. The rest of the day consisted of a variety of fun games, such as Charades, Telephone, and Heads Up. Each activity acquainted the children with new English words and phrases, including jobs, animals, common verbs, and question formation. The students were able to hear native English accents from Melanie and Lauren.IMG_9577 IMG_9599

The Kid’s Activity Day provided the children with an in-depth exposure to the English language in an engaging and entertaining format. It was sponsored by an American Arabic student David Claybaugh, who also provided cake and snacks at the end of the Day. Excellence Center coordinator Marwa said “The children were very happy with the activity, and very interested we thank  Mr. Claybaugh for supporting our community activities.” At the end of the Activity Day, one Palestinian child said “We should do this every month!”IMG_9609 IMG_9607