Jobs in Palestine

IMG_7883Jobs in Palestine: People who come to Palestine not only looking to spend touristic times and visit several attractions but also some people who look to work in Palestine and get a job out there but is that possible? If it is possible, is it hard to get or not especially for those who don’t speak Arabic?

Let start by highlight the Palestinian economy which is rely on the Israeli one according to Paris protocol that made the Palestinian economy associated with The stability or volatility of the Israeli economy.

Despite the PA’s successful implementation of economic and security reforms, and although the state of Israel has recently eased movement and access restrictions, the occupation continues to erode the productive capacity of the West Bank economy. Israel’s continuous expansion of settlements, the erection of temporary and permanent checkpoints and of the Separation Wall continues to limit the possibility for the establishment of Palestine as a feasible state.

It worth mentioning that the Palestinian Territories are losing $3.4bn per annum of GDP as a result of the occupation, a UN report (UNCTAD) of September 2016 has noted. Without the Israeli occupation, the report noted, in September of 2016, the Palestinian economy could be twice its existing size.

Despite of these facts, many foreigners found their work in Palestine especially in the international organizations that work in different fields. There are 262 Non-profit Organizations represented in Palestine. They are either local or international organizations and they work in fields such as medical relief, community development, agricultural relief and Human rights to name but a few. This means that your opportunity to get jobs in Palestine is quite high.

Beside these NGOs, there is also private companies that offer job vacancies in Palestine to foreign experts in information technology, telecommunications and engineering. Jawwal in Palestine for example hired some foreign experts who are qualified in telecommunication sector.