Iram Arrived from Australia to Volunteer in Hebron, Palestine

RahmaIram Khan from Australia, arrived to Palestine last week to volunteer in Palestine for three weeks, she would like to share here motivation to participate in the program as well as her first impression of Palestine

“Our flight landed at Tel Aviv yesterday around 2:30 in the evening. There was a sense of anticipation and apprehension at the same time as we did not know what was awaiting us on the other side. It was our first time travelling to Palestine and my husband Arshad and me had heard a lot about the place for all sorts of reasons. We cleared immigration after a brief interview and our taxi was waiting for us. We headed for Hebron, also known as Al Khalil, The drive was smooth and the surroundings picturesque. I felt relaxed and at home after a little while.

We arrived at the Excellence Centre at around 6 pm where a team of teachers were waiting for us. After the long trip I thought I would just want to go and crash on my bed, but to my amazement the hospitality and warmth shown by the Excellence Centre Staff and our host family, we felt fresh again. I found Hebron to be a peaceful place and feel quite safe with my host family and at the Excellence Centre. We are being looked after very well and the locals are one of the most hospitable people you can meet. We are looking forward to working with the professionals here and contributing in whichever way we can.” 12395099_934122103347268_2121566298_n