I have Decided to Use the Opportunity to Visit Palestine

IMG_8404“I have been always very interested in diverse cultures and languages since I was a child, to which my religious studies have contributed even more. I have started to learn Arabic while studying Religious Studies as my BA in Hungary, and afterwards didn’t want to stop. I have visited several Arab countries, such as Morocco, Jordan, Oman and the UAE and since I was in Jordan on an intensive Arabic course, I have decided to use the opportunity to visit Palestine.

As I’m currently finishing my MA in Peace and Conflict Studies at the UN mandated University for Peace and hope to work with NGOs in the future I believe this is an excellent opportunity to combine all of my interests by practicing Arabic, witnessing Palestinian life personally by the unique chance of living with a host family and achieving a basic, useful experience for the future throughout my time volunteering in this Palestine programme”. Eve Hollo from Hungry who is participating in the Volunteer in Palestine 2015 this summer in Hebron, Palestine

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