How to Travel to Palestine on a Budget?

IMG_8137How to travel to Palestine on a budget? Many People want to travel and discover other parts of the world but this not always possible especially when it comes to travel expenses. Traveling to around the world ca cost a lot.

Palestine is a country you can travel to without a lot of money. Palestine is considered a cheap country to live and visit. The minimum wage of public servants is around 1500 Shekels ($450) per month which means living expenses here are very reasonable.

Flight to Palestine

how-to-fly-to-palestineFlying directly to Palestine is not possible as we do not have our own airport. In 1998, the Palestinian authority had built an airport in Gaza and it operated local and regional flights. Unfortunately, two years later the Israeli Army destroyed the airport during the Second Intifada. The Palestinian authority possess three aircrafts housed in Egypt until Palestine manages to have an airport in the future.

There are two ways to enter Palestine. First, you can fly into Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel-Aviv, then travel to Jerusalem by shared taxi and on to the West Bank. This is the best way to enter if you are on a budget and it is also the easiest route. Flying from Europe to Israel is not that expensive, occasionally only 150 euros which is a good deal to enter the Middle East. The second way to get to the West Bank is flying to Amman, Jordan and then crossing the border between Jordan and Palestine. If you want to visit Jordan during on your travels here this is a good option but it can cost a lot more for the flight and rates are especially high in the summer. If you are traveling on a budget the first option is best.

Transportation in Palestine 

transportationTransportation in Palestine is very cheap, we have Taxi cars and mini-vans. There are two types of taxi cars, first one that takes you from general/popular points A to points B and costs around 2.5-3 Shekels which is less than one American Dollar. The other kind will take you directly where you request to go and costs 10-20 Shekels (around $5-$6). If you are trying to get between cities you will take shared mini-vans and these cost at most 40 Shekels ($10.)

Food in Palestine 

food-in-palestinePalestine is filled with restaurants that offer manty types of delicious food and meals. Additionally, you can find sandwiches on every corner of the streets of Palestine such as Falafel, costing 3 (less $1) Shekels or Shawarma which costs 12 Shekels ($4). Pizza also doesn’t cost much in Palestine, one medium pizza costs around 15 Shekels ($4.5). The price of sit down meals in Palestine is also reasonable costing around 15-25 Shekels ($4-$6).  

Accommodation in Palestine 

Palestinian Host Families copyIf you come to Palestine with a tight budget Hostels are the best option to save money and get to know other international visitors. There are many hostels in Palestine, especially in Ramallah, Nablus, Bethlehem and Hebron, the prices differ from one to another and from season to season but all are around ($14-$25) per night. You can also stay with a Palestinian host family where you get a taste of Palestinian culture by interacting with the family members attending social occasions with them. 

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