How to Spend Summer in Palestine?

summer camp 6How to Spend Summer in Palestine? Summer is a season for travelling, having fun, and enjoying your time abroad. As in any other country in the world, summer has its own flavor where people looking to spend more time with their friends and families enjoy the beauty of nature.

Many people want to visit Palestine but they wonder which places they can visit during summer.

Palestine has the most moderate weather in the Middle East which makes it the perfect place to go during summer. The temperature in summer can reach a high of 35 degrees Celsius during the day and 25 degrees Celsius at night.

Which Places Can You Visit During the Summer in Palestine?    

Palestine is full of places you can visit. The Dead Sea for example is a perfect place to enjoy during the summer. At the Dead Sea, you can take advantage of the famous mud that is said to have rejuvenating properties for your skin due to a high concentration of minerals. The Dead Sea, is a closed lake of salt water located in the Jordan Rift Valley on the border between Jordan and the West Bank. The Dead Sea is well-known for being the lowest point on the Earth’s surface where the level of beach stands about 400 meters below sea level.Dead-Sea-

The Dead Sea is characterized as one of the saltiest large bodies of water in the world. The salt concentration in the Dead Sea reachs 34%, which is nine times saltier than the Mediterranean Sea. The reason for this salinity is that the lake is the final destination for the water flowing from the River Jordan, with no streams flowing outward.

The city of Jericho is another option for visitors. There are a number of resorts, such as Jericho Resort Village, in the city which overlook the shore of the Dead Sea. It is a great place to visit and enjoying sunning and swimming. During summer the temperature might reach 40 degrees Celsius in Jericho, higher than the temperature in hilly Hebron.  Dead_Sea_Mud_

If you are fan of hiking, Battir is the place to go. Battir is a Palestinian village on the western countryside of Bethlehem villages, characterized by natural beauty and traditional vegetable gardens. Here travelers can hike through a wadi called as “al Maghrour,” and view olive tree groves as well as small cave-tombs dating back to the Byzantine era. You will also get the chance to see an ancient water management system more than 2000 years old.

Bike tours are also an option during your time and will allow you to travel between Palestinian cities and get to know the history of the region. It is an amazing experience since the distances between the cities are relatively short and the act of biking allows you to see the natural scenery of Palestine up close.

Summer camps are also organized in Palestine every summer. Many organizations organize summer camps for Palestinian school students for periods of up to 10 days.  It is an optimal opportunity for you to be part of these camps by volunteering to help, teach, organize activities, and much more. Every summer the Excellence Center organizes an International Summer Camp (ISC) where volunteers from several countries around the globe come to discover Palestine. ISC gives you the chance to visit the most interesting cities and sites in Palestine such as Hebron, Bethlehem, Nablus, Jerusalem, and Ramallah. ISC also includes visits to a number of refugee camps in Palestine where you can learn about the situation of refugees. The Excellence Center will take care of your accommodation, transportation, and food during your stay which makes your journey more comfortable and organized.22309082_481335282242302_8786862007593746247_n

Jaffa, Akku and Haifa are also other options. The beaches there receive many international tourists every summer. People come from all over the world to enjoy sun, water, and the moderate weather. At night, you can take a walk on Seafront Corniche or sit in a café where you enjoy the sea view.Tel Aviv 2

Summer in Palestine is an amazing experience! Don’t read about it, come and visit!