How to Get to Palestine from the UK


How to get to Palestine from the UK: If you are travelling from the UK to Palestine for the first time, it is crucial to do your research of how to get there, as check points and barriers can make the journey difficult otherwise. For instance, if you are travelling to Hebron in the West Bank to get to the Excellence Center, then it is recommended that you travel from the airport to Jerusalem (by bus or by taxi), and then transfer to Hebron from there. Coaches and buses to the West Bank, Nablus etc. can be found at Damascus Gate. Jerusalem has been called the gateway to the world, and for good reason: It is also the gateway to all of Palestine and Israel.

You can choose to fly through Israel or through Jordan to get to Palestine from the UK, but it is more advisable to go straight through Israel as it maintains all eventual transport links to Palestine. It is crucial to do research and make sure you are prepared in advance before travelling. Most international flights are to Tel Aviv, and here you’ll have to encounter security before entering the country. For the less experienced flyer the prospect of going to the region can be complicated and daunting, but this article is here to help you and there are numerous guides online and in travel journals and guides that will aid you in your journey.

Regarding security, remain calm at all times, and remember that everyone is questioned before entering: it nothing personal. Be direct and honest in your communication, as being truthful about your intentions can prevent interrogation on the journey back. Interrogation sometimes does happen, but remember again that for Israeli security this is a routine exercise and they are more likely to take you aside if you state that you are going to Palestine to teach. Do not be put off by this prospect, travelling to Palestine is more than worth it and it is highly unlikely that your safety will be put in jeopardy at the airport.

Israeli sheikels are the currency for Palestine. These aren’t as easy to acquire in the UK as Euros or US dollars, so make sure that you plan in advance and acquire some of the currency before entering the country. This will be crucial for getting taxis or buses to your chosen destination, as cash points aren’t abundant, particularly for UK bank accounts.

Be polite and learn some Arabic phrases before coming over, such as ‘hello!’ ‘how are you?’, ‘may you help me?’, etc. You’ll never know when this could be useful, such as when asking for directions. Dress modestly and be friendly and you will be more likely to be given help should you need it. Learn the Arabic for left and right, and write down any addresses of the destinations you need to go to before coming to Palestine (in Arabic as well as English if possible).

Ensure that you have travel insurance from the UK before coming to Palestine. This shouldn’t be too difficult to acquire through the UK. Keep a level head on your shoulders and be prepared, and you’ll find that once you have journeyed to Palestine it will be rewarding and fun.