How to Get a Visa to Enter Palestine?

How to get a visa to Enter Palestine? When coming to Palestine to volunteer with us here at the Excellence Center in Hebron our volunteers receive a three-month tourist visa from Israel bu. We are often asked by prospective volunteers about how to get a  visa to enter Palestine but this does not exist. Palestine is under the occupation of Israel, we are not granted the status of statehood and Israel controls all of our borders. Thus, all that is required to come volunteer with us is the three-month tourist visa from Israel. We advise out volunteers to enter Israel through Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, it is possible enter from other surrounding countries by land but we do not recommend this. Should you need more information on how to enter this way, contact us and we can help you figure out which border checkpoint/crossing is best and how to go about it.

No matter where, how or when you enter Israel or Palestine security will most likely have some questions regarding the reason for your travel to the West Bank. Our volunteers’ experiences after landing at the airport range from completely normal with no issue to being questioned for several hours. One of our recent volunteers from the United States said border security/immigration did not even ask her where she was going, just gave her the visa let her through without issue. Another one of our volunteers who is also from America told us that after de-boarding the plane, far before getting to immigration there were several security officers just waiting and when she got near they pulled her and questioned her in the hall for 45 minutes before eventually letting her continue on to customs and immigration. One of our volunteers from Australia was taken aside and questioned or three hours but they had a good outlook, “look, I was expecting this, I knew that I would have sit through this experience so I mentally prepared for it before arriving. I stayed calm and cordial to the officers the whole time and spoke completely truthfully I had nothing to hide, I was not breaking any laws.”

People have different opinions as to whether to be honest about Palestine being your destination or not. We feel that honesty is best and strongly advise that you answer truthfully should you be questioned by security. It is very important to remember several points. First of all you are doing nothing wrong or illegal by coming to volunteer in Palestine. Second, the Israeli security is most concerned that you are a western/foreign activist coming to Palestine to protest and make international headlines about the occupation. And third, if questioned just stay calm and try to maintain a friendly demeanor.


Whether coming or going, association with Palestine always draws the attention of border security. Many of our volunteers depart from Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv. We at the Excellence Center will help arrange for a private taxi directly from Hebron to the Airport. There is a check point driving in to the airport where they will ask where you are coming from and because you have been staying in Palestine, at the least they will take your bags and go through them. For some of our volunteers the situation ends here and for others they are taken or questioned. Though stressful and tiring this process always ends with our volunteers ending up where they need to be. The same is true for crossing into Jordan. Once volunteer recently went for a visit. She had no issue leaving the West Bank but upon reentry she was questioned for two hours. But once again, she ended up exactly where she needed to be in the end.

Once again, concerning the questions How to get a visa to Enter Palestine? You have to enter Israel by flying to Ben Gurion airport and get a tourist visa which will enable you to travel to Palestine and Israel.  Nobody can trace where you are and the Israeli checkpoints are made only for Palestinians, they will not register when you enter or leave the West Bank.