How Studying Arabic Can Help You Teach English

IMG_6099How Studying Arabic Can Help You Teach English: Teaching English to non-native speakers can be difficult.  When teaching Arabs, it may be useful to have at least a basic knowledge of  Arabic to help you.  For that reason, studying Arabic will help you while you teach Palestinians at the Excellence Center.

Whether you are teaching a beginner, intermediate, or advanced class; you will undoubtedly run into situations where the students just don’t know the word you are trying to teach them.  This can usually be solved by saying the word in Arabic, but sometimes it may be useful to be able to explain the word or topic in Arabic.  The more familiar you are with Arabic, the more capable you will be able to explain in Arabic allowing you to teach more basic levels of English to beginner students.

In addition to being able to translate into Arabic, studying the language will allow you at least some context into what it is like to study a foreign language.  You will have an idea of how to simply and effectively speak to students that may not have a strong grasp of the English language.  You will be able to empathize with their frustration and confusion as they try to learn.  Quite simply, studying Arabic will give you the opportunity to be in the shoes of the Palestinians learning English.