How do Volunteers Spend Their Time in Palestine

How do Volunteers Spend Their Time in Palestine and at the Excellence Center? Time spent in Hebron is often as varied as it is interesting. With those that come to teach English, the Center gives its volunteers a pretty much free reign to tailor their classes as they see fit, while providing opportunities to give classes in various institutions in and around Hebron. Further to this, the Center provides numerous opportunities for volunteers to visit the region.English Club 4

Perhaps, the most important activity at the Excellence Center is the morning breakfast feast. Every morning, at 9:30am, staff and volunteers prepare a delicious breakfast to ensure all the volunteers are feeling just right to take on the day. This breakfast includes fruit such as apples, fresh vegetables such as cucumber, tomatos and avocados, with the Palestinian famous bread and hummus. Not only is this breakfast delicious, it gives volunteers and staff the perfect opportunity to get to know each other and discuss their days plans or debrief on what has just occurred.

As mentioned, English teachers at the Center are not constrained in how they teach. In fact, the English courses at the Center are designed to complement the already given lessons provided in Palestinian schools. Therefore, teachers are able to run their classes as creatively as they choose – and on top of this, discuss whatever topic they think would be suitable. This can not only involve discussions on Western and Palestinian culture, but also some more challenging topics such as body image and Islam. And of course, as everyone does, games of all variety are encouraged.IMG_3304

On top of this, volunteers are also able to teach classes in schools in Hebron and in various villages in the hills in Hebron. As well as this opportunity to travel, the Center provides day trips to the old city in Hebron, and to other towns in Palestine – including the famous and historical Jericho and Ramallah.IMG_3262

Overall, volunteers are afforded much freedom in how they go about teaching English at the Center. This not only ensures volunteers days are as varied as they want, but with the activities organised by the Center, no two days in Hebron will be the same.IMG_3322