How Clean is the Water in Palestine? 

water-in-palestine-67How Clean is the Water in Palestine? When you travel somewhere you might wonder how clean the water is. Is it drinkable or you should buy a bottled water to be on the safe side? The cleanliness of the water is necessary to preserve the health of our bodies so we should be careful and strict with what we drink.  

Let’s start by saying that surveys have demonstrated that a significant percentage of the households in Palestine believe their water is good quality. The water in Palestine is safe and drinkable for Palestinians, and they experience no ill-effects from using the water for drinking or cooking.

Palestinians are used to using tap water to drink, cook, water plants, and clean in normal circumstances.

Where Does the Water in Palestine Come From?

Water in Palestine comes from natural sources that are verified as clean for human consumption. There are about three hundred natural sources, such as springs, most of which are located in the east of the West Bank. Many people also collect rainwater in tanks that are situated on their roofs. However, rainwater is a limited resource in Palestine so the collection of it only provides a fraction of Palestinian’s water supply.

This collection of rainwater ensures the availability of water in the event that the water is turned off during the summer months. Some inhabitants must buy water from tankers in order to meet their daily water needs.

How Many Liters of Water Does the Average Palestinian Family Consume?

Palestinians have an average water use of approximately 72 liters per person per day. Ninety percent of small Palestinian communities have less than 60 liters per person per day. Some Palestinians in rural villages use even less than this, in some cases about 20 liters per day for a single person.

Are there any Restrictions on the Palestinians Water Supply?  

The water supply and sanitation in Palestine is controlled by the Israeli authorities. Groundwater is divided between the Israelis and Palestinians according to the second Oslo Accord. Palestinians frequently suffer from water shortages.

Is Hot Water Available All the Time?

The vast majority of Palestinian homes do not have heating systems, which means that hot water is not always available. Every Palestinian home does have solar panels which heat the water. Several years ago, gas and electric heating systems began to become popular among Palestinians, so now hot water is available during the winter months.

Can I Buy Bottled Water and How Much Does It Cost?

Bottled water is available in all markets and malls in Palestine. A small bottle costs 2 shekels and a big bottle costs 3 shekels. In addition, there are many companies that supply water in large jugs for home or office use.