Helpful Arabic Phrases for Visitors to Palestine

IMG_9377Helpful Arabic Phrases for Visitors to Palestine: Many people in Palestine speak basic English, and so it is possible to travel around Palestine without knowing any Arabic. However, it would be useful and polite to try to learn a few basic phrases to help you interact with the Palestinians that you meet. When Annabel, an intern at the Excellence Center in Hebron, first visited Palestine, she knew no Arabic, and as a result felt daunted by interactions with taxi drivers and shopkeepers. Chris, another intern at the Center says “knowing a little Arabic will really help you communicate with the locals and feel more comfortable”. Below are just a few phrases that may be useful for a visit to Palestine.


Hello = marhaba

Yes = ‘eeh

No = laa

Thank you = shukran

How are you? = Kifalak/Kifalik (m/f)

Good = Tammam

What is your name? = shoo ‘es-mak/shoo ‘esmik (m/f)

My name is… = ismee…

Where are you from = min wen inta?

Do you speak English = Btahkee ingleezee

I don’t understand = ma fahemet

Help = Saaidnee/saaideenee (m/f)

I’m lost = Ana daai/ana daaie (m/f)

Where are the toilets? = Wen il hammaamaat?

What time is the bus? = emta ilbaas il?

Please take me to… = Oosalnee ind

Can you show me (on the map) = Btwar jinee

Hotels and Shopping

How much is it? = addeesh ha’u

Where is an ATM? = wen jehaez is saraafe

Where is a hotel? = wen fundu?

Do you have vegetarian food? = Fee indkun taaam nabaatee

One ticket please = tazkire izabitreed

That’s too expensive = Hada ghaalee ikteer

Do you want…? = Bidak/Bidek (m/f)

I want = Bide

Water = miy


1 = waahed

2 = ‘itnayn

3 = talaate

4 = ‘arba

5 – khamse

6 = sitteh

7 = sabba’

8 = tamaanye

9 = tessa

10 = ashara


Days of the Week

Monday = Altineen

Tuesday = Altalatah

Wednesday = AlArbah

Thursday = AlKhames

Friday = Aljumeh

Saturday = Alsabt

Sunday = Alahad

IMG_9394Here are just a few useful phrases for any visitor to Palestine, which will hopefully be of value to travellers. What is important to know is that the Arabic spoken in the Palestinian territories is Levantine Arabic. This is a different, regional dialect to MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) which is the official written language of the Arab world, and which is often taught in the West.

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