How to Get from the Ben Gurion Airport (Israel) to Hebron

How to Get from the Ben Gurion Airport (Israel) to Hebron: One of the most daunting things for solo travelers coming to Palestine can be getting from Ben Gurion Airport to Hebron. However, the process is very simple and prospective volunteers, interns, and students have no need to stress. To help lay your worries to rest, we will be sharing with you how to get to the Excellence Center, following your arrival at Ben Gurion Airport. Again, the process is very straightforward. Travelers will go from the airport to Jerusalem, where they will then switch modes of transportation to go from Jerusalem to Hebron.

As soon as your plane lands at Ben Gurion Airport, you will need to obtain your 3-month visa, retrieve your checked luggage, and go through customs. Once all these steps are complete, we advise stopping by the ATM and obtaining shekels for your trip to Hebron. The ATMs in Ben Gurion are easy to find and easy to withdrawal money from. After you have all your belongings and have stopped by the ATM, it is time to exit the airport and be on your way to Hebron. Right outside the airport, you will see many taxis lined up. While you could take a private taxi, we highly recommend taking a service (sherut in Hebrew). These large vans will be lined up outside the airport and are the easiest and cheapest way to get to Jerusalem, which is your first stop. Just tell the driver you want to be dropped off at Damascus Gate.

Taking a service to Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate will cost travelers $20 USD. An important thing to note is that these vans do not leave until they are completely filled. Therefore, you may have to wait before the service can depart, but it never takes a long time. Once the service is full, enjoy the beautifully scenic ride to Jerusalem. Once you arrive at Damascus Gate, pay the driver $20 USD for the ride.

When you arrive at Damascus Gate, you will easily be able to spot the bus station. Next to the bus station is a parking lot and that is where you will want to go to find another service that can take you to Hebron. Wrap around the buses to the parking lot and soon enough you will hear someone shouting “Al Khalil!” Al Khalil means Hebron in Arabic, so once you find that van, tell the driver you want to go to Al Hussein School. The Excellence Center is located right across the street from Al Hussein School. This service ride from Damascus Gate to the Excellence Center in Hebron will cost 20 shekels. Once you arrive, pay the driver and come join us at the Excellence Center. We will be happily awaiting your arrival.

As you can see, it is very stress-free getting from the Ben Gurion airport (Israel) to Hebron, Palestine. If you find yourself confused or lost at any point during the journey, do not be afraid to ask for help! Whether you are at the airport trying to locate the service to Jerusalem, or at the bus station trying to locate the service to Al Khali, Palestinians will be glad to point you in the right direction. With all that said, we hope you have a safe trip to Palestine and we are looking forward to meeting you in Palestine.