Food Day at the Excellence Center


Keeping things interesting and stimulating for students is very important for us at the Excellence Center. One way we achieve variety in the learning schedule is by intoducing a food day to the students. The classroom is turned into a practical, fun and delicious learning environment, in which each student can learn by doing.IMG_9944

This activity is carried out across all levels of English. Starters, Beginnners I, Beginners II, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Advanced I and Advanced II can take part in this fun day. Each class is taught four hours of conversational English by Arabic and International teachers for one month, and after approximately 10 hours into the course a Food Day may be implemented to diversify the learning experience.IMG_9934

Each student can bring in a typical food from their country or city. Students often prepare tasty dishes by themselves or together with their parents. They are then asked to display their food on one table and present the ingredients to the whole class. This encourages each student to think about how to express recipes or simple cooking instructions in English. Because they can choose which food to bring in, they may feel more passionate about their presentation. In a pressure-free atmosphere students can practice spoken English and listen to others.IMG_9940

Having international volunteers in Palestine at the Center is very beneficial for this day, as they can prepare presentations on food from their country and share it with the class. Students can listen to English from a native speaker and learn more about another culture at the same time. Last week we had presentations on Japanese, Finnish and German traditional dishes and even got to taste a Japanese dish called Onigiri. This is a fascinating, fun and unique experience everyone enjoys at the Excellence Center.IMG_0604

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