Field Trip to Bethlehem, Palestine

Today 12 December,  the recently finished Intermediate 1 class took a field trip to Bethlehem, Palestine. The trip was attended by 8 Palestinian students, mostly teenagers, and three international teachers, Melanie from Canada, Arshed from Australia, and Monica from America. The students came up with the idea on their own to take a trip to Bethlehem with the teachers and planned the itinerary for the day.12358446_1222166321133239_1786959957_n

Upon arriving to the city, the students chose a good restaurant to eat shawerma. It was a good opportunity to sit and eat and have conversation in English about day to day life, pop culture, and popular American music. After eating, the group headed to the old city to visit the Church of Nativity, the birthplace of Jesus. The day was full of walking through beautiful scenery, picture taking in front of statues, and even stopping for coffee and juice at the Stars & Bucks café. It was a great way for students to continue their English speaking in a different environment than the classroom, and also for teachers to see the city from the student’s perspective.12358460_1222165994466605_992479687_n

Overall, it was a perfect way to make meaningful connections across cultures, religions, and age groups. Volunteer Monica says of the day, “It was so sweet that they thought to take us there and show us significant places of a different religion. The day was very fun, memorable, and a great way to foster cultural exchange.”

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