Excursion to the Al-Fawar Refugee camp in Hebron

Eight of the Excellence Centre’s international volunteers and Arabic students were taken on an excursion to the Al-Fawar Refugee camp in Hebron, which is under UN administration, as part of the cultural exposure that the programme provides to its members.Fawwar R1

It is located about 8km south of the city of Hebron and is home to around 10,000 people, most of which live in semi-permanent housing structures under very bad conditions. The camp was established following the war in 1948, and was originally comprised mainly of tents, erected by people 3 or 4 generations before those who live there now.Fawwar R5

The experience was educational for the Excellence Centre’s members, and allowed them to see some of the effects of the current political situation with their own eyes. Seeing this refugee camp in person is a great way to contextualise and digest the way that some Palestinians are being forced to live.Fawwar R3 Fawwar R2 Fawwar R4