Examining Palestinian Students’s English

On Saturday March 21st Excellence Center instructor Bassam Kawasbah, with help from Irish teaching volunteer Alison Harrington, held the final oral examination for his beginner English class. The exam consisted of about half a dozen questions for each student on a wide range of topics from students’ families, to hobbies, to future aspirations and travel plans.السون امتحان شفوي٣

It was apparent throughout that the students had made significant progress from the beginning of the course, because although there were some minor mistakes in grammar and pronunciation, for the most part all of the students were able to respond fluently and correctly to the exam questions.السون امتحان شفوي١

In fact, in several cases students were able to quickly self-correct when they made mistakes. The Excellence Center would like to thank all of the students that participated in the examinations today, and we would also like to give a big thank you to instructor Kawasbah for his great work with the classالسون امتحان شفوي