Enhancing the English Speaking Skills of Palestinian Students

On Monday March 23rd Excellence Center instructor Luke Mercurio administered oral midterm examinations to his intermediate English class, with help from Australian teaching volunteer Tony Ngo and university student Duaa Haddad.TLD

The class, which today consisted of about eight students, performed exceptionally well on the exam, offering complete and interesting responses to all of the exam’s questions. Moreover, instructor Mercurio was particularly impressed that the students offered complex and expansive answers to the questions rather than play it safe with short, easy responses.TLD1

Because of this Mercurio was unconcerned with some minor, understandable mistakes in pronunciation and grammar because the students boldly asserted their language skills by attempting to convey the kinds of responses one would expect from articulate native speakers. Seeing as this is only the midterm exam it is exciting to think how well the students will perform on the final!TLD3