Enhancing Palestinian’s Students Employability Skills

The Excellence Center held a professional email and CV/resume workshop with teachers Melanie Lipinski from Canada and Arshad Nomani from Australia. 22  Palestinian students participated in the They both did a great job in being enthusiastic, helpful, and knowledgeablec8a52fc4-3718-4383-8faa-ee089ed2ac5d.
While teaching, they both offered examples, tips, and words of encouragement. Arshad even invented a useful method for resumes called STAR: situation, task, action, and results. If one focuses on these four things they will be on their way to making a impressive resume. The students had a lot of questions and interest too. Melanie offered to correct the professional email practice from the students to make corrections and give feedback. Arshad offered his email and a sample resume to the students. f53f7791-1aa0-4b08-a04a-c6607e682a5a
During the workshop, students looked eager to learn. Arshad commented on the workshop: “The students were very motivated and eager to make it in the job force and it made it very easy for me. Some of them were having issues with their English but we were able to resolve it. The time was too short because I couldn’t run the writing bit of the achievements but they will be able to do it on their own and send me emails of their drafts if they wish!”a5dbb5ce-493f-41a6-802b-15077b0a4c03
Aisha Subhan from the USA who is participate volunteer in Palestine program sat in on the workshop and commented on it as well. “The Palestinian students were respectful and ready to learn. They gained a lot of from the workshop. I sensed that they felt inspired.”
After the workshop, they were really grateful and expressed their thanks, Melanie and Arshad both are very excited about helping the students as they are planning and hoping for employment. Arshad and Melanie insisted they were always happy to help, even in the future. Good luck to all of them in the job market!628f3c77-0e44-4e5c-9121-64d5bce7a9d0