English Fun Day for Children in Hebron, Palestine

The Excellence Center offers its courses to Palestinian people of all ages, both young and old, but today we hosted a special event for some of the younger school children in the Hebron area. Palestinian Kids from 8 years old to 12 were invited to spend 2 hours at the center where through games and activities, they could experience the English language and find out more about how the center works.IMG_8807

About 40 children in total came for the Fun Day, which made things really fun. We started the day with a few introductions and then moved on quickly to our first activity, which was a counting game called ‘7 Up’ – a game where the children would stand in a circle and go around counting up from 1; at each multiple of 7, the child saying it would have to instead jump up and yell “7 Up!”.IMG_8786

For most, this was their favorite game and allowed them to practice counting in English whilst at the same time having a lot of fun. Next, we watched a few short videos on some simply English exercises – one on the opposite of a given set of adjectives and another on emotions. This was done to help build some vocabulary but also to showcase how the Center uses other forms of media and technology to make the learning environment more stimulating.IMG_8799

The next 2 activities included the children’s classics: Pictionary and Simon Says. Pictionary got everyone excited, especially when the kids were split into teams. The competition was fierce, but with that came participation from everyone – even from those who were initially quiet or shy. Simon Says allowed us to wind down the day’s excitement with another fun activity that involved visually understanding verbs and body parts.IMG_8802

This was a really fun experience and an overall successful Fun Day event. Each child left very happy, and with a desire to learn more about the English language. Which hopefully means this won’t be the last time the center sees these kids around!IMG_8823