English Conversation Club’s Activities

Today’s English Conversation Club was centered around English vocabulary games to help the students utilise what they have learned so far. The session was divided up into 4 quarters, each game focusing on encouraging the students to use their initiative with their vocabulary in order to compete in teams for the win! Hangman is an effortless favourite with the students, but for a more complicated version we chose words native to British English as well as American English, and dividing them into two teams for a more calculated version of the game.ECA 2

The students became more careful with their selection of letters as the game went on, and less impulsive when it came to calling them out so as not to compromise their place in the game. Following from this, we moved onto a miming game, in which one student from each team was selected to stand outside while their peers chose a word at random from the pile to mime to them later on. Once back inside the room, the student would have to guess the word by assessing the gestures of their team, and write it out on the board as quickly and as correctly as possible before their opposition. The students hadn’t played this game before and thoroughly enjoyed the miming aspect of it. The next game we played was one in which students not only had to make quick decisions, but back up their decisions and arguments with the use of their vocabulary.
The students were given various statements, for example; ‘Most people in Hebron use bikes as a mode of transport’. One student from the class would volunteer to answer whether this was true or false, and was then asked to back up their decision by taking polls from their peers and examining their environment, which they were very good at doing .The last game we played as a class was much less competitive, and required the students to write down their dreams and ambitions for the present moment and future. This was to be done in private, and upon its completion, presented back to back with another student. However, they were asked to read out the full statement, for example ‘My career ambition for the future is…’, but instead guess the answer of their peer. If they guessed right, they would get a point, if not they would lose one and vice versa.

Overall the students were equipped enough with their English speaking skills and vocabulary to thoroughly enjoy and thrive with all of the games played during the sessionECA