English Club to Enhance Palestinian Students Spoken English in Hebron

12366280_767154126741124_6616623873448565660_nEnglish Club comprises of students who meet once a week with their mentors and teachers and practice talking and speaking skills in English. On Saturday, 12th November, English Club got together with its intermediate level students and teachers, Melanie, Yusuf, Monica, Masood and Iram. The room was full of excited and vibrant faces, looking forward to the two hour long lesson.

In the first round, Melanie, Yusuf and Monica ran the famous American television game show, Jeopardy. Students were divided into 3 teams and they had to answer questions related to Geography, Palestine, Excellence Centre, Animals and Wild card categories. Every question was graded and the team with maximum points won the round. In the second round, Yusuf, Masood and Iram, ran the WH questions round where the students made as many questions as they could until the buzzer went for the other team and had to ask the opponent team those questions. Each correct question and answer gave the teams points. There was a clear winner by the end of the second round. The last round was a game of Hangman where students picked different categories and guessed the words given correctly or be hung. It was fun to watch the thrilling end to this game as all groups dodged the fatal end of their round. It was often a near miss and that kept things interesting.

Besides all the fun and excitement that engaged teachers and students there was clear evidence of students enjoying their learning and taking ownership of their work. It was good to see that boys and girls worked together in this team building exercise and learned to respect each others’ opinions. They took collective responsibility for their loss and shared the joy of success in each round. This group has signed off for the rest of the year and are on their Christmas break. More from the English Club desk, Soon.

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