English Club at Asharayya School for Girls in Hebron

Last week,  the English Club took place in the Asharayya School for Girls in Hebron. About 20 girls were in attendance in the ages of 15 and 16. The teachers Monica, Jan and Melanie led a lesson on science and technology.12250011_1485849155057394_4839998786588809703_n

Vocabulary words focused on different possible inventions of the future (like time travel, teleportation and self-driving cars). The final discussion centred around various issues regarding technological advancement as well as ethical questions like “is it good to spend so much money exploring space or would it be better to focus on the problems of people on earth?” Students imagined what a future might look like and where technology might go.

Participation was good, as always with the English Club at this school. The warm welcome to the teachers was felt especially at the end when they gave a warm goodbye to Jan, who was returning to Belgium and took lots of photos.12279129_761113830678487_5500421514924290416_n


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