Empowering Palestinians in Creating their Future

Today, The Excellence Center organized workshops in Al Sharaieh School for Girls in the city of Hebron for around 70 Palestinian students from the 10th and 11th grade on the importance of English in daily life and the future.المدرسة الشرعية

Ms. Kawkab Saaed the Sharaieh School principal was amazed by the students achievements in the workshops and thanked the Excellence Center for supporting students’ future.المدرسة الشرعية ٤

Mr. Mutaz Tamimi the legal advisor of the Excellence Center, said that he strongly believes in empowering Palestinian students and engaging then in creating their future. المدرسة الشرعية ٥

The Excellence Center engaged students in many groups activities using “learning by doing” approach. المدرسة الشرعية ٢