Email Writing Workshop for 30 Palestinians in Hebron

IMG_7926 (1)Last week,  Arshad and Iram from Australia along with Melanie from Canada led a workshop for about 30 students focused on the basics of formal e-mail writing in English. The two-hour workshop took place in the Excellence Center and introduced the students to the most important rules when formulating e-mails in a formal or business context.

IMG_7934 (1)Arshad’s presentation on the topic emphasized structure – subject line, introduction, body, conclusion and signature – within which students, even in a foreign language, can more easily create effective communication.

The second half of the workshop was devoted to practice. Students were given scenarios and were invited to write an e-mail as a group. “These extraordinary, talented students picked up on what we were doing very quickly,” said Arshad, and some even opted to write more than one e-mail to practice. Arshad was very impressed by the group, saying “this workshop was one of the best for me.”IMG_7929IMG_7928