Drawings about Palestine

Pa3Last week, students at the Excellence Center completed drawings in their classes. The class levels were Starter with Maryam and Beginner 2 with Salam, and 15 students in each class. The teachers at the Center aim to use a variety of teaching methods throughout the length of the course in order to keep students interested and learning as much as they can. The drawing activity was implemented after 8 meetings.Pa

For this activity students were to complete drawings about Palestine. Because of the situation now and the ongoing Occupation many students chose to draw about that topic. Some pictures include the map of Palestine others include saying such as “Freedom for Palestine” and “Palestine will be free.” One even drew a famous key that symbolizes the “right of return” for refugees that can be seen in many art forms around Palestine such as sculptures and paintings on walls. It is very important that students be given the space to express their thoughts and feelings about this subject, and even more that can do it in English in order to communicate it to the international community.Pa1

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