Discovering Bet Omar with the locals

On Sunday Osama took the three North American volunteers on an outing to Bet Omar. It was the day before Mother’s day in Palestine and the three girls, Cara and Lauren from the USA and Melanie from Canada, were excited to be out with their Palestinian “Mom,” Osama, for a day in the country.IMG_9880

After meeting up with Youssef, another teacher at the center and a resident of Bet Omar, the group went to an event by the Center for Freedom and Justice, a sale of handicrafts made by community women. Here, the girls tried some handmade cheese and cookies and admired the traditional Palestinian embroidery.IMG_9885 (1)

Osama and Youssef then took the girls for a tour of the city. They met an old man at his house and played in a ruined stone building before driving out to Youssef’s family’s land to pick green almonds. Spring has arrived in Palestine, and the fruit trees and flowers are releasing their first green shoots. The apple trees are in bloom and the green almonds are ripe.IMG_9889

After a walk around and a rest under the trees, the group headed to Youssef’s family home for delicious Maqlube before returning to the center refreshed and happy.IMG_9891

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