Day Trips from Israel to Palestine

Day Trips from Israel to Palestine: Whilst some people visiting Israel may not believe that Palestine is easily accessible or even a desirable place to visit, there are in fact many fascinating places worth visiting that can be easily seen just on a day trip from Israel. Visitors to Palestine are enthusiastically welcomed, and will discover a region of great historical significance with stunning scenery. You can easily travel around Palestine using the shared taxi service, or ‘service’.

Many Christians visit Bethlehem at Christmas and Easter, but visitors will find it easier and cheaper to visit Bethlehem at other times of the year. Highlights include Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity. There is also a lively bazaar and many interesting cultural centres. The separation wall is also worth a walk, with colourful graffiti decorating the walls, including works of Banksy. Bus 21 from Jerusalem to Bethlehem departs every 15 minutes from the Damascus Gate bus station and the journey takes 30 minutes.


ramallahRamallah is the administrative capital of the West Bank, and is just 10km north of Jerusalem. Sites of interest include Muqata’a, which is Yasser Arafat’s presidential compound, and Al-Kamandjati, a small conservatory which hosts concerts and recitals. Ramallah has many bars and restaurants.


old cityThe Tomb of the Patriarchs is an important religious site for Jews, Christians and Muslims and is definitely worth a visit. The old city is beautiful, but is also a place to experience the friction between Palestinians and the Jewish settlers, who live right inside the city.


JeninThe most northern city in the West Bank, visitors to Jenin should see the Masjid Jenin al-Kabir, or the Great Mosque of Jenin which was built in 1556. The Freedom Theatre perform daily in the face of challenging circumstances.


JerichoThe world’s oldest continuously inhabited city, the Tel al-Sultan ruins can be dated back 10,000 years. Hisham’s Palace and the Monastery of the Qurantul, where Jesus allegedly resisted Satan, are also worth a visit.


NablusWell known for its olive oil soap, Nablus’ Old City bustles with stalls and is a must for any visitor. Nearby, the ruins of Sebastiya include an amphitheatre and a Byzantine church.

Deir Ghassaneh

Deir GhassanehThis village was built in the 18th Century, and the village’s women’s association now runs a small museum and give afternoon lessons in authentic Palestinian cooking.  

These are just some of the highlights which any visitor could expect to see on a visit to Palestine. Despite its political troubles, Palestine is a place of beautiful scenery, hospitable people, and sites of great religious and historical importance and you can easily make day trips from Israel to Palestine