Conversational English Day at a Community Center in Hebron

On the 2nd of February, 2017, three volunteers who are participating in the Volunteer in Palestine Program- Stephanie from Australia, Xavier from the US and Haesoo from South Korea  visited the Community Knowledge and Research Library of Hebron. Waiting in one of its classrooms were thirty students ready to learn English. The theme of the lesson that the volunteers have prepared was ‘traveling’.


The class started off by everyone introducing about themselves to the class. Then it moved straight onto the topic of ‘traveling’. Questions such as “Where have you travelled to?” and “Why do people travel?” were really good and engaging topics to start off the discussion. The volunteers received very well-thought and interesting answers. Then, to ease the ongoing discussion, the volunteers led an activity in which one student had to come up to the board and draw something related to the concept of travelling while everyone else had to guess.IMG_2208

After that, the class moved on to do another activity, which was “I’m going to travel, and in my suitcase, I’m taking…”. Students were to raise their hands and tell the volunteers what they would take with them on a trip while Stephanie drew each of them on the board. To end the lesson, the class was splitted into three different groups. Each group sat together in different locations and each volunteer was designated to lead the conversation in each group. During the group discussion, they reviewed together the things they have learnt in the class and answered more questions related to the topic. Questions such as “What are some of the good memories from your travels and bad?”, “Where would you like to visit the most and why?” and “Do you intend to study abroad of Palestine” were thrown around, keeping students engaged and allowing them to extend their knowledge on travelling from listening to each other. IMG_2201

‘Travelling’ was a very interesting topic for the Palestinian students at the Community Knowledge and Research Library, who haven’t had the opportunity to travel so more often and weren’t familiar with the concept. Due to this reason and the enthusiastic students, the volunteers felt great about the lesson that they have led in the community library.IMG_2203