Concluding English Club in a Local School in Hebron

Last week, the Excellence Center rewarded the 25 students of the Al-Houda school for boys in a graduation celebration. Each of the students received a diploma recognizing their linguistic skills in English. They participated in the English Club for the past three months, with one meeting per week.احتفال هدى١

They were taught and guided by English-Arabic teacher Alaa Doudin and international volunteer teachers Tony from Australia, Allison from Ireland and Luke from the US. The participation of native English speaker volunteers was important in this Club because it encouraged students to apply their English speaking and conversational skills. احتفال هدى3

For three months, they have learned to speak and listen in English with a special focus on communication skills. They now have grammatical and vocabulary knowledge to communicate with native English speakers and can pass to the Beginner 2 level. احتفال هدى2

The administration of the Excellence Center thanks the school’s administration for their support of the English Club. Al-Houda School director Karim Kabaja and his administration also thank the Excellence Center for helping in their students’ linguistic education in English. احتفال هدى5احتفال هدى4

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