Concluding a Conversational English Course

Last week, the Intermediate 1 class came to a close after 30 hours of lessons. The course with 15 students was led by Jan from Belgium and Monica from America both of whom are teachers in the Teach English Study Arabic program. Throughout the course teachers implemented a variety of activities to help students learn new English skills. They include showing short videos, interactive  games, group work, presentations, role play, debates, and food day. While it is important to teach new skills such as grammar and sentence structures, the emphasis of the course is speaking and conversation. Most lessons were concluded with engaging discussions whereby students could practice expressing their opinions and ideas.

At the end of each course, an oral final examination is held. For this exam, 15 students attended and were tested on their speaking ability. The exam was led by Monica and Melanie from Canada a new English Teaching Assistant in the TESA program. Students were asked questions from previous class topics such as the Occupation, travel, regrets and wishes, and health. The students did very well explaining their answers and using sentence structures learned in class.12301649_764728610317009_5287386347289052114_n

Of the whole experience volunteer Monica says, “It was nice being with the students from the very beginning to the end and see their improvement with each class. I also think that because we did so many different activies, games, and discussions, the class had a positive energy to it, with good a dynamic among students and  between the teachers and the students which fostered a fun learning environment. After the exam the students even came up with an idea on their own for the class to visit Bethlehem next week. I am very much looking forward to it.”12316348_1488037154838594_2543775950088886675_n

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