Coffee Shop Day for Palestinian Students

Last week, the Excellence Center held a Coffee Shop Day for students of its Starter course. The course is lead by Starter teacher Alaa with assistance from international volunteer Lauren, an American participating in the Center’s Teach English Speak Arabic (TESA) internship program.
Coffee Shop Day is always popular with students, as it allows them to utilize their English in a way that mirrors a real-life scenario. The students practice ordering drinks, taking on the roles of barista and customer, and receive feedback on their language usage from teachers Alaa and Lauren. Typical coffee shop beverages were provided to add to the fun.IMG_0241
Coffee Shop Day gives students the opportunity to use their English in a practical, conversational setting, while providing them with suggestions on how to improve their grammar and pronunciation. They are also asked to use new vocabulary related to drink and food names, as well as verbs commonly heard in a coffee shop. “They had a lot of fun!” said international LaurenIMG_0244 (1)

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