Celebrating Palestinain University Students’s Achievements

شهارات الخريجين ١٥Last week, the international volunteers at the Excellence Center (Alex from the USA, Sila from Canada, Conor from the USA), as well as the Community Activities Coordinator Usama Abu Hussian, held a workshop on writing CV’s (Resumes) and cover letters, as well as what the best questions in an interview are.التدريب المجاني١

The workshops were free and open to men and women, either students in University and graduates. The workshops will help people prepare for getting good jobs in a competitive job market. The workshops were two hours each, and lasted for three days, totaling six hours. The first day of the workshops involved practicing writing a proper CV. The students learned about CV’s in English-speaking countries, they were asked by the teachers to write a sample CV and the teachers helped them identify what information is essential and what information shouldn’t be put on a CV.التدريب المجاني٦

The second day of the workshops involved writing a cover letter. The students were guided through the process of writing a cover letter and shown how a cover letter should be succinct and what the proper format of a cover letter is. The third day of the workshops involved what questions are asking in a job interview and how to answer them best. Students were given example scenarios where the teachers acted out what a good interview looks like, and as a counter-example, what a poor interview looks like. After the workshops, the students left prepared for applying for jobs in English-speaking countriesالتدريب المجاني١٠

At the last day, a graduation ceremony was organised to thank participants.  It concluded with the presentation of diplomas to the Palestinian university  students. The students, in turn, at the ceremony’s conclusion, thanked the Excellence Center for the ceremony itself, and for the role it played in students’ acquisition of employability skillsشهارات الخريجين ١٧شهارات الخريجين ١٩شهارات الخريجين ١٢