Canadian and Palestinian Food


12346353_1487440041564972_6714844462589690127_nBeginner 1 class at the Excellence Center had a food day on last week. Almost all of the 20 Palestinian students in attendance brought something to eat and share with the class. As always, food day is a lively and exciting event and all of the teachers in the centre, not only those teaching the class are invited to partake. “Food day is my favourite day.” said Melanie, “everyone comes out to share and it’s a great atmosphere.”

Melanie from Canada, who is assisting Ibrahim, a Palestinian English teacher at the center, in the class, gave a presentation at the beginning about the different dishes that make up a Christmas dinner, explaining the traditions surrounding this feast in her home country of Canada. Subsequently, a student gave a Powerpoint presentation in English about the dish he had brought, pizza, and the way it’s made.
When the food was all laid out to eat, amid general anticipation, each student explained what he or she had brought, the ingredients and how it’s made. And finally, all enjoyed the wonderful feast!


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